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Revenge of the Sequel podcast

Dec 21, 2020

The Griswolds let us into their home for a zany finale to our holiday themed sequel series!

Gerardo joins Manny, Andrew, and John. We play a fun Jell-O game and nominate a character for the spirit of the season award!

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Dec 14, 2020

The bad moms meet the bad podcast hosts in this holiday sequel to a successful raunchy comedy! John, Andrew, and Manny are joined by Carlos to discuss the LOLs and play a fun 30sec clue game! We even nominate the Spirit of the Season characters!

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Dec 7, 2020

Kevin is in New York City! And so are the wet/sticky bandits AND Donald Trump! We discuss how the pranks we loved as kids turned out to be attempted murder, and play a fun Meeting the McAllisters game! Of course, we finish off by crowing our Spirit of Christmas nominees!

Hosts: Manny, Andrew, and John

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